2016 Performances
Our institute is in production of the 25th anniversary performance to be held at the end of 2016. We will present Chinese opera shows that have been created and played by us in the past. The repitore of the performance will include Farewell My Concubine, The Monkey King, Bie Gong Ji Jiang, as well as other pieces performed by the students of our institute.

In addition, we will bring a new production of a collection of episodes adapted from Shakespeare's Hamlet, Macbeth, and The Merry Wives of Windsorin 2016. The show will be divided into three sections each of which represents one of three Chinese opera forms - traditional, modern and a mixed of both. This performance is made possible in part by NEA's funding support.

Apart from Chinese opera eduction to youth, we will also provide classes to adults and seniors at CCACC (Chinese Culture and Community Service Center) in 2016.

2014 Performances

Lantern Festival Show
7:00 pm
Feb 15th, 2014
Seneca Vally High School
19401 Crystal Rock Dr.
Germantown, MD 20874

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Monkey King and the Red Boy
This show has been serving children in Washington DC Metropolitan area for over 20 years. We will bring the performance to your home, school or organization by appointment.

An adaptation of William Shakespeare's Hamlet to Chinese opera. This show is directed by Mr. Chu Shan Zhu. It will tour in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York in February 2014. Selected scenes from the Hamlet will appear at the 2014 Lantern Festival Show.

2014 Performance

Lantern Festival Show
Feb, 2014
New York City
Director: Chu Shan Zhu
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2011-2013 Performances

King David and Bathsheba
December, 2013
New York City
Director: Chu Shan Zhu
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Capture and Release the General Cao
December, 2011
New York City
Director: Chu Shan Zhu
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Past Performances
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From the Director
Chu Shan Zhu
Judy Huang

Founded by Chu Shan Zhu ( Chu Shan's Personal Website ) and Judy Huang in 1991, The Washington Chu Shan Chinese Opera Institute (WCSCOI) emphasizes the historical and geographical diversity of Chinese opera and the Chinese performing arts, by presenting works of various genres from North and South Mainland China as well as Taiwan.

Mr. Zhu is the fourth generation of a family of opera artists. He trained from an early age at the Shanghai College of Traditional opera, the Shanghai Institute for the Performing Arts, and the Chinese Center for Film and Television. He has directed over sixty operas and received awards for script writing and modern Chinese Opera. As part of the WCSCOI's outreach programs, he has introduced Chinese art forms to over sixty thousand school children.

Ms. Huang is the artistic director of WCSCOI and an award-winning actress trained in both Chinese and Western opera. A graduate of the Shanghai Opera School, Ms. Huang was first trained at the age of five by her grandfather, the famous Huang Qui Qui, who developed the Huang style of Qingyu performance. Ms. Huang has performed lead roles at the Beijing Opera House of Shanghai, on Chinese television, and at the JFK Center for Performing Arts. Ms. Huang was the recipient of the Maryland State Award for Excellence in the Arts in 1994 and 1996.

Since its founding in 1991, WCSCOI has continuously focused in efforts on promoting and developing high quality traditional Chinese performing arts. In 2002, we performed the large-scale opera The Monkey King, for which we received the approbation of mainstream American audiences and an excellent review in the Washington Post. In our latest performance, we have invited a group of performers hailing from Shanghai, New York, Taipei, and Washington, DC, to create a new show, the marvelous "Maryland Presents: Traditional Chinese Opera Arts."

Another really unique fact about WCSCOI is that we train people of all age, race and sex in the art. Nobody is ever too old in our school. For more information, please visit the Classes section of our web site!